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Dr. Bharat Dagdoba Karhad Principal

N.K.Varadkar Arts, R.V.Belose Commerce Junior/Senior College and Shantilal Jain Science Junior College Dapoli, District Ratnagiri is situated on the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra State.Our college is one of the leading colleges in Konkan area with competent staff, adequate infrastructure and aspiring students. The college is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and offers B.A., B.Com, BMS, B.Sc.(IT) and MA, and M.Com, PhD in Commerce etc programs/courses.The college has an excellent library, a women’s hostel in the college premises and a gymnasium for students and staff. As the principal of the college, I heartily welcome students taking admission in various branches in our college with the big dream of life.About fifty years ago there was no college in the three talukas namely Khed Dapoli Mandangad. Children of the rich go to Pune, Mumbai for higher education and children from middle class families drop out after matriculation. Loknete Shri Ramchandra Belose (Dada) was MLA at that time. Later, when he became the Minister of State, Dada held many discussions and meetings from village to village to start an Arts and Commerce College in Dapoli. Adv.Barve, Adv.Khan, Businessman Mr. Balsheth Talathi, Shri. Dada Sable, Tatya Mehta, Mr. Bandukaka Khot and other close relatives were called and discussed regarding the starting of the college and after that Dada announced the resolution to start an Arts and Commerce College in Dapoli on November 2, 1973.

This college is working to provide required facilities so that the boys and girls of the locality can get higher education. Our college is in a two storied building and is equipped with all the facilities. The College is trying to start new programmes and courses in recognition of future competition.

Narusheth Kashinath Varadkar of Murud donated 51 thousand rupees. Chief Minister Vasantrao Naik came for the inauguration, the Chief Minister donated Rs.25000/- from Chief Minister’s Fund by giving three acres of land permanently and 6 acres on lease for the college.

Presently, the college is in its own premises and has facilities like large sports ground, scenic surroundings, internet facility, library, laboratory, etc.

The college is working to shape the latent qualities of the rural students with the help of the staff of the college. Regular attendance of students in classes is expected, along with conduct which will add to the prestige of the college by developing students latent qualities. It is students duty to follow the rules and discipline of the college.

I wish the future life of all the students admitted to the college be happy and prosperous and the college become successful in all fields of education.

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