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Welcome to department of Geography
Geography is a branch of inquiry that focuses on spatial information on Earth.The Department of Geography Was established in the year 1974. In the beginning Geography had been taught at F.Y.B. A. Level and commercial Geography at F. Y. B. com Level. Three unite Geography started in 1989-90 and six unit Geography started 2006-07.

  • To make student aware about national and international geographical Issues.
  • To provide quality teaching of geographical knowledge, adopting latest tools and techniques.
  • To promote geographical education by sensitizing and aware the students about the problems, issues, challenges, and prospects arising out of complex interplay between Man, Nature and Technology.
  • A special emphasis has been given to interdisciplinary approaches, which has been complemented by a number of cutting-edge courses on geospatial technology, rural-urban issues, climate change, environmental issues, disaster management, health and well-being.

Scope –

After completion of undergraduate programs in Geography, students will be able to:

  • Analyse the earth as an integrated human-environment system by examining changing interactions at different spatial and temporal scales.
  • To understand the subject matter of various branches of physical and human geography.
  • To analyse geographical data and interpret its significance within the context of human-environment relations.
  • Communicate geographical concepts and data effectively using oral, written and visual forms.
  • Contribute effectively to pursue innovative solutions to human-environment problems.
  • Investigate complex real world challenges using appropriate concepts, methods, and tools from one or more geographical sub-disciplines.
  • Explain societal relevance of geographical knowledge and apply it to real world human-environment issues.

Department Facility

The department is equipped with LCD Projector and GIS lab to learn and enhance the practical knowledge and skills in the fields of Cartography, Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS technology. Geography Lab is equipped with GIS software. It is also equipped with traditional and modern instruments including GPS, Prismatic Compass, Chain Tape, Plane Table Set, Tracing Tables, Rain gauge, A telescope for sky Observation, Satellite Imageries, Aerial Photograph, Toposheets, Document camera, automatic weather station, Thermometer, Hydrometer wet and Dry etc.


Staff Details

Name Qualification Teaching Experience
Mrs. Skandha S. Khedekar M.A. ,  B.Ed. Geography 12
Mr. Maldev Kambale M.A. ,  B.Ed., SET 10


Sr. No. Document Name Action
1. F.Y.B.A. /F.Y.B.Sc Geography Syllabus 2020-21 Sem I and II View/Download
2. T.Y.B.A. / T.Y.B.Sc. Paper IX Approved Syllabus 2018 Final Presentation(Sem v) View/Download
3. Revised Syllabus 2020-21 F.Y.B.A./F.Y.B.Sc. in Geography Paper I Sem I and II View/Download
4. FYBA Geography Syllabus 2015–2016 Sem I and II View/Download
5. T.Y.B.A/T.Y.B.Sc. Geography Syllabus 2018-19 Sem V and VI Paper IV to IX View/Download
6. TY Geography Revised syllabus 2023 24 View/Download
7. Revised-Syllabus-F.Y.B.A.F.Y.B.Sc.-in-Geography View/Download


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