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Research is to explore the unexplored to know more and more about the less and less things. Research is the result of man's deep urge to learn, to know, to satisfy his thirst For knowledge about this world. Teaching is central to our mission but we must admit this active involvement in Social research. Professional practice by faculty will translate into better teaching. Research helps to learn through experience. Research facility has been made available at Dapoli for students who want to do it. This is a golden opportunity for students who want to do research. The proposal for starting a research centre was sent to the University of Mumbai for approval. This proposal has been approved in the meeting of the Board of Studies of the University held on May 17, 2022. N.K.Varadkar arts , R.V.Belose Commerce Jr . /Sr. College & Shantilal Jain J . College of Science, Dapoli Ph.D. Research Center(Commerce) has been approved and the admission process has started for the academic year 2022-23.

Research centres in rural areas are like a ‘Dream’.A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes determination and hard work. Who converted this dream into reality  Former Chairman of R.V. Belose education Foundation Dapoli. Smt. Jankitai Belose and Secretary Dr.Kaka bhosale Chairman, shri shivajirao Shigvan. On 16/4/22 Local Inquiry committee( LIC) visited the institute regarding the Research centre principal Dr. B.D. Karhad, Dr.Suresh Nimbalkar completed the formal procedure. There were three members in LIC. Dr. Deepak Raverkar, Dr. Chandrashekhar Salunkhe, Dr.Subhas Khot.Institute has been granted permission for first time recognition to enrol 04 students for the Ph.D commerce from the year 2022-23. Centre has formed a Research Advisory Committee (RAC) according to University norms ,and the members of the committee are Dr. Bharat D. Karhad (Chairperson), Dr. Jaishri R. Gavhane, Dr. Suresh T. Nimbalkar, Dr. Deepak Raverkar,  Dr. Chandrashekhar Salunkhe.A Meeting of the Research Advisory Committee for making recommendations to the Research Centre regarding the selection of candidates for PhD Program in the subject of Commerce was held on 9th December 2022.And who got the honour of being the first research students of the centre are Ku. Siddhi Shamsundar Salgaonkar, smt. Vrushali Ramesh Kadu,Shri.Shahbaz Hasan Khan Deshmukh,Ku. Dhanashri Satish Darekar.

Our institute has a vision to provide modern and higher education to rural youth at an affordable price and the objectives of the research centre exactly relate to the vision of the institute.

  • To create and promote a research cultureamong the faculty and research students. quite Frequent now a days people talk about research, Research helps one to learn through experience,how to deal with perplexing,complicated  research also gives good practice in reading books with a critical eye .This research centre will create and promote research culture among faculty and research students.
  • In Ratnagiri district, this is the first research centre.It will help in increasing enrollment of students to pursue doctoral degrees because when we see the percentage of university students enrolled in pursuing doctoral degrees is very low. It's below 1%.
  • Manylocal issues await research, this will help identify research areas and specify research topics of relevant academic importance, through this research center social issues will be highlighted.
  • Itis obligatory on the part of the research to Follow the research conventions systematic study research methodology is an urgent necessity before undertaking research projects, researchers should be well equipped with all the methodological aspects.

This research centre will work on to follow Research Methodology. Millions of researchers Across the world work on different themes, maybe two or twenty working on the same topic. Research methodology brings uniformity in the process of how Research is done across the world in disciplines.research methodology is about how research is done. Centre will work on organization of training programmes on research methodology.

  • Quality in research is a crucial issue.If Ph.d thesis is not worth the value of the pages onwhich it is printed, then it is merely a waste of time and valuable resources.research must ensure quality, integrity and ethics in

Ph.d. Thesis, M.Phil dissertation and research papers are all products of research requiring the same kind of labour, preservation and sincerity difference is that of level and degree.

We can categories research into two types:

  1. Researchfor research : when Albert Einstein, Newton, Darwin Copernicus  research was their passion and hunger.research not for degree award, promotions.
  2. Researchfor life: academic research,we can say it helps researchers in getting jobs and reducing the rate of unemployment.

Hoping that this institute will play a key role in achieving these goals.

The PhD research centre in the college was formally inaugurated by the auspicious hands of the president of our institution Mr. (MLA) Sanjayji Jagtap and In the presence of Shri Shivajirao (Dada) Shigwan the president held it on 04/03/2023. Speaking on this occasion ,he said that the scholars of various fields of Konkan have always attracted us all. In order to enhance this heritage and for a good educational environment, the college must have adequate facilities. In the next two-three years, there will be radical changes in the education system of the country. So everyone in the education sector will have to accept this change and start new courses according to the changing policy.   Educational institutions have to act as service providers henceforth. The educational policy has changed and currently the education of doctors and engineers has reached the homes of common people. He gave detailed information that there are opportunities for courses like Hotel & Tourism, Police Pre-Recruitment Training, Bank Staff Training, Fruit processing course, nursing college, law (LLB) college in Dapoli.

Chairman Shri Shivajirao (Dada) Shigwan, secretary Dr. Dashrath Bhosale all Board of directors, principal Dr.B.D.Karhad Dr. Suresh Nimbalkar ,Teaching and non-teaching staff have made efforts to start the centre and expressed happiness about this.

Dr.Gavhane Jaishri Ramdas Convenor

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